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About LocoBop

LocoBop Digital Media Lab is a unit of Northpark Music Administration LLC.

As a music company imprint, LocoBop is relatively new. As a music company, LocoBop's management is well-seasoned (but not rusty).

LocoBop turned on the lights and opened its doors in January 2008, and now has a catalogue of some 250 releases (featuring over 180 artists).

Many of these works are deep catalogue albums containing recordings previously available only on vinyl, at places like eBay, some of them selling for more than a song. But there are active artists signed directly to the label who are producing fresh, contemporary music in many genres.

By virtue of our location, our catalogue is heavily tilted towards Southern connections somewhat by default, with much emphasis on Memphis, Nashville, Jackson, and Houston.

LocoBop also offers a full range of Louisiana music via the Sound of New Orleans label. LocoBop and Sound of New Orleans represent the best artists in every Louisiana genre, from New Orleans brass bands, Mardi Gras Indian bands, Zydeco, Cajun, Swamp Blues, Pop, and Rock, Bourbon Street jazz and funk, to New Orleans R&B, blues, and gospel.

Meanwhile, LocoBop continues to seek viable deep catalog recordings in every genre for reissue in the digital age.

In addition, LocoBop is actively listening to new artists, or new works by older artists. We're not hoping to discover the latest flavor of the month. What we do hope and expect to discover are unique, well-crafted works by artists and producers whose music makes us want to listen again and again.

Oh, and our tastes are eclectic. And universal. We enjoy virtually all music in every genre from every part of the world.

Do you have music you'd like us to hear? Please get in touch. We're mighty friendly. You'll find us here.


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