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If you’ve never heard of The Jumpin’ Chi Chis, here’s your chance to fill that void in your life. While we could litter this page with superlatives about this stellar Memphis band, we’ll let others do it for us:

Reviews for The Jumpin’ Chi Chis

I laughed, I cried, and I lost most of my body fluids listening to the Jumpin’ Chi Chis. Inspired is too tame a word.

– Philip Grady Smith

Here's a brand new slant on what Louis Prima and Sam Butera were doin' back in the day. The Chi-Chis really put the spin on pop jazz with the craziest originals - excellent performances, wonderful solos, and lots of unpredictability.

Dr. Moon

Amazing piece of work - Virtuosity, Creativity, Originality, and Hilarity!

– Jim Poor

This is the best and most inspired original music to come out of Memphis in years. The Chi-Chi's music is spontaneous, eclectic, effortlessly performed and just down right GREAT!

Every musical style is "fair game" for the Chi-Chi's. I assure you that you will hear something you'll love. You'll have to get in line to see them perform in person.

- Pete Vescovo

Not since my young days hanging out in the lounges of Vegas of the late ‘50s, have I been moved to grab Momma Linda and do the jump!!!!!

- Walt Woodson

The Jumpin' Chi-Chi's have a tongue-in-cheek, lounge-lizard vibe. They’re a wild and fantastic band filled with some of Memphis' best jazz cats.

- William Haygood

322 Pearl Avenue

But First

Can’t Get Down

Wicky Wacky Chi Chi Dance

Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowgirl

Chi Chi Cha Cha

Take The Bus

Down At The Monkey

Mr. Muckel

Let’s Do Chi Chi

Chicks 4 Chi Chi


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