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'J. Blackfoot' is a nickname John Colbert

picked up during his boyhood years in

Memphis, Tennessee. He broke into the

music business at age nineteen as lead

singer of a new line-up of The Barkays,

whose original members had died in the

plane crash that also killed Otis Redding.


Isaac Hayes and David Porter (famed for

their Sam & Dave productions) then

recruited Blackfoot to sing lead in a new

vocal group, The Soul Children (who scored 15 R&B hits between 1968 and 1978).


After the group split up, Blackfoot began his career as a solo artist, produced by Stax colleagues Homer Banks and Chuck

Brooks. Success came with the R&B smash 'Taxi´ followed by 'Just One Lifetime.’


Hit tracks on this album include Way of the

City, City Slicker, I Stood on the Sidewalk and Cried, and of course, Taxi.