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Soul fans have known Eddie Floyd for six decades. Co-founder of The Falcons, a Detroit vocal group that paved the way for The Temptations and The Four Tops, Floyd and the group recorded what is considered one of the first Soul records, "You're So Fine". Later, they recruited Wilson Pickett and scored again with "I Found a Love".

In the early sixties, Floyd moved to Memphis and signed as a songwriter with Stax Records. He had immediate successes with artists Carla Thomas, Sam & Dave, and old mate Pickett, but it was a song he wrote for Otis Redding that Stax decided to release on Floyd himself that changed everything for Eddie. "Knock On Wood", co-written with guitarist Steve Cropper, quickly became one of the biggest hits of 1966 and has been a Soul staple ever since. It has been covered by over 150 different artists including Count Basie, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, and Amii Stewart, whose global mega-smash in 1979 defines the Disco era.

Floyd's former publisher at Stax, Tim Whitsett, hooked him up with British producer Barry Murray and mixer Mark Taylor to record a new millennium version of Knock On Wood. So here, with the writer and original performer Eddie Floyd in wonderful form, are four superb new dance mixes of a classic dance floor favorite.


KNOCK ON WOOD Hyper-Trance Mix

KNOCK ON WOOD Pure Trance Mix

KNOCK ON WOOD Live Trance Mix

KNOCK ON WOOD Radio Edit Mix


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