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Disco Loco Volume III
is the latest release in LocoBop’s series of dance tracks circa 1977 – 1982 covering the flamboyant disco era represented in the film Saturday Night Fever.


The Bar-Kays 40-year career produced 27 albums (5 gold and 1 platinum), 37 singles (28 in the Top Ten) and membership in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. "Traffic Jammer" continues to be a dance favorite today. J. Blackfoot scored Soul/R&B hits before and after the disco period (solo and with the Soul Children). “Cool this Fire” was cut at the height of Disco’s popularity.

The Masqueraders
’ “Desire”, "Lady, You've Got to Get the Groove" by The Amazing Mr. Brown and Eddie Floyd covering his own classic “Knock on Wood” in Trance-Disco fashion are other prime examples of Memphis soul acts who cashed in on the disco fad without harming their R&B credentials. Carson Whitsett’s “Chu Chu Peru” is a frenetic, melodic electro disco instrumental flush with sequencers and synthesizers.

Amber, two girls and a guy coupling the racial make up of Tony Orlando & Dawn with the smooth vocal harmonies of Abba, graced disco charts in Europe on the London label with “DixieDisco”. “Jumping Jack” is from the late Scott Mateer, a top mid-South DJ of the period.

New Orleans fixture Chewy Thunderfoot Black takes Johnny Taylor's “Jody's Got Your Girl and Gone” and makes it his own. Richard Orange is another Memphis icon whose “Long Distance Love” made noise in Europe on the DJM label.


Wacky Memphis band Dog Police (whose eponymous hit was ubiquitous on MTV in the '80s) serve up a quirky ode to being "In The Studio." And what became of Dog Police? They evolved into the Jumpin' Chi Chis  and conjured up "Can't Get Down", using a portion of the Average White Band's DNA.





COOL THIS FIRE (J. Blackfoot)

Lady You've Got to Get the Groove
(The Amazing Mr. Brown

KNOCK ON WOOD – Pure Trance Mix (Eddie Floyd)

DESIRE (The Masqueraders)

CAN'T GET DOWN (Jumpin' Chi Chis)

JODY'S GOT YOUR GIRL (Chewy Thunderfoot Black)

JUMPING JACK (Scott Mateer)


IN THE STUDIO (Dog Police)

CHU CHU PERU (Carson Whitsett)



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