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Di Anne Price - Taking The Blues In Stride


Memphis pianist-vocalist Di Anne Price channels the spirit of classic blues divas Ida Cox, Alberta Hunter, Stippie Wallace, and Memphis Minnie. A profoundly soulful singer, her expressive voice is etched with pain or brimming with sly humor while tickling the ivories barrel piano style on two-fisted shuffles, rolling blues, and boogie woogie workouts.

- Jazz Times

Di Anne’s stride piano balances jazz with ragtime and blues in a way that's so old-fashioned it's refreshingly new. Close your eyes, and it’s like stumbling into a 1940s barrelhouse.

- The Commercial Appeal

Di Anne gets to the heart and meaning of a song that appeals to everyone. “When I play this music, sing these songs, I'm saying ‘share this story with me.’”

"I want real drums, real bass, and I want it to be my voice that people hear, not something created in a studio.”

Di Anne’s approach to music is shared with "Her Boyfriends" - drummer Tom Lonardo, saxophonist Jim Spake, and bassist Tim Goodwin. "Playing with them makes my back tingle. It's like making love," Di Anne says. "When we play, we're telling a story, and no matter where I start, they go with me."

- John Taylor – Blues On Stage

Highlights on this album: If You’re a Viper, At The Club, and I’m Just a Lucky So and So.