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Talk about an “old school” education.

Before heading out on his own in the mid-1990s, Chewy “Thunderfoot” Black was the drummer and musical director for nearly decade behind Buddy Ace, the “Silver Fox” of the blues. Prior to that, the versatile R&B artist had toured extensively with such icons of soul as Joe Tex, Johnny Adams, Tommy Ridgely, Earl King, and Malaco Records star, Z.Z. Hill.

But simply calling Chewy “old school” hardly begins to describe the finesse, grit, and deep feeling the versatile and accomplished vocalist, drummer, and bandleader brings to his hard-rocking and impassioned repertoire.

The selections we present here as a digital “single” are from his eponymous Sound of New Orleans / LocoBop album entitled, of course, Chewy Thunderfoot Black. Our ‘A side’ choice is a window rattling version of the Johnnie Taylor hit “Jody’s Got Your Girl and Gone.” But the ‘B side’ - James Brown’s classic “I Feel Good” - will also get you off your seat and onto your feet just as quickly.

Making use of a select group of top New Orleans R&B musicians, Chewy has crafted two “old school” arrangements for this recording that highlight the hard-driving sound of a full complement road band.

Professor LocoBop says, “You will like this, by gum.”









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