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Beyond Words Vol. I - Instrumentals Memphis Style

Beyond Words – Volume One - Instrumentals

Memphis Style is the first in LocoBop’s series of

instrumental music performed by some of the greatest musicians of the respective art forms featured in the series. In this case, of course, the art form is Memphis soul, funk, and jazz in the style made famous by the likes of Booker T. & The MGs and Willie Mitchell. Group De Ville was the last project of the late Carson Whitsett (organ), who recruited Jack Bruno (drums), Bill Cooley (guitar), and Scott Chambers (bass). The Pitifuls was a 1990s project that also featured Whitsett’s B3 organ, along with Don Barrett (bass), Dino Zimmerman (guitar), Jimmy Hyde (drums), and Gene Sisk (keyboards). The Jumpin’ Chi-Chis are Memphis headliners Tom Lonardo (drums), Jim Spake (sax), Reid McCoy (trumpet), Sam Shoup (bass), and (keyboards). Lonardo and Spake are joined by bassist Tim Goodwin in The Uptown Allstars, a trio also known as the Boyfriends who regularly back Memphis blues/piano legend Di Anne Price. A.B.C.D. are the first name initials of the musicians who cut this track: Al Jackson, Jr. (drums), Bobby Manuel (guitar), Carson Whitsett (keyboards), and Duck Dunn (bass). Although they released one album together on Stax as The MGs, “Put Jam On That” is a one-off 1974 jam session recorded after finishing up a motion picture soundtrack scored by Carson Whitsett. The Memphis All Star Band backed Carla Thomas on a European tour in 2003. “Philly Dog” was recorded live in Vienne, France. Musicians: Bobby Manuel (guitar), Steve Potts (drums), Jimmy Kinard (bass), Paul Taylor (piano), Marvell Thomas (organ), Jim Spake (sax), Scott Thompson (trumpet) and Jackie Thomas (Trombone).



BACKSLIDIN' – The Pitifuls

THE BOND – Group DeVille


LENORA– Group DeVille

SING SING SING The Uptown Allstars

FELONIOUS FUNK Carson Whitsett

ECLIPSO – The Jumpin’ Chi Chis


SPANISH MOON – Carson Whitsett

PHILLY DOG – The Memphis All Star Band


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