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Cajun music and Zydeco have long flourished as family affairs. Dynasties such as Chenier, Balfa, Ardoin, Savoy and Delafose come quickly to mind – and so does the Rubin family. The late accordionist Alton Rubin (1932 - 1993), better known as Rockin’ Dopsie, fathered four sons who proudly celebrate his Zydeco legacy today. Three of them – David (a.k.a. Dopsie Junior) Anthony, and Tiger – lead the band that now bears the Rockin’ Dopsie name. And Dopsie’s son Dwayne fronts his own group, the aptly named Zydeco Hellraisers, who unleash a supercharged style that is simultaneously traditional, contemporary, and futuristic.

Dwayne’s fifth album, Up In Flames, was heralded by critics as an accomplished and important arrival, at age thirty, of a young force to be reckoned with in Zydeco. His deft accompanists, guitarist Shelton Sonnier and saxophonist Carl Landry, are similarly daring yet equally well-grounded soloists. The band’s fierce groove is further insured by the powerful three-man rhythm section of bassist Dion Pierre, frottoir player Alex MacDonald, and drummer Calvin Sam.

This single, two-song format features two brilliant tracks from the Up In Flames album: ‘Better Go Get It’ and ‘Just Come Back Home.’







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